Saturday, April 20, 2019


                                      Charlize Theron reveals her SEVEN year old daughter is transgender.

                                                                                       Charlize Theron: Go see female-driven movies!   

Really Charlize? How does a seven year old child decide they want to be transgender? It saddens me to know this child will never know normalcy and will more than likely be another victim of liberalism and perversion which plagues our country. In the years to come "it" will probably be claimed by drug addiction and/or suicide. If you can stomach it, one of the stories can be seen by clicking HERE.


  1. The push to say the most idiotic leftist thing is driving this nation over a cliff. No wonder these people keep voting for more government. They could not support themselves in a normal world. Just think that nearly all "hopeful" actors and actresses feel this way and are all poor since they don't work in the real world. It is only a few that actually "succeed" but still hold their core beliefs that the government should take care of everyone so they can pursue their dreams and not worry about paying the bills like we do here in the middle class.

  2. Child abuse.
    Anyone who took a kit and told him he was a dog, or reinforced ths kid's belief he was a dog, would be a child abuser. But now anything sexual is political, and we all know which way the political correctness goes..

  3. She needs to go back to South Africa. We have enough fruit loops here

    1. Not to mention mystery meat.


  4. Didn't this thot just complain about men not wanting to date her?



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