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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hugh Glass: "The Revenant" Protaganist Was Even More Badass In Real Life

Since I was very young I have read most anything I could get my hands on in regards to "Mountain Men" and that era in American history in which those early explorer-hunter-trapper-trader-Indian fighters, etc. lived. There also have been some good movies made about some of those real life characters. Among those movies are The Revenant (2015) starring Leonardo DiCaprio and The Man in the Wilderness (1971) which starred Richard Harris playing the part of Glass. I am not a fan of DiCaprio, but he played a good part and the movie was good and worth a watch. Without being redundant and going into the history of Hugh Glass, I will let the video tell the tale. The story of Glass is remarkable and nothing short of incredible.


  1. I agree that era was fascinating.

    Have you looked at what the French Canadian Voyageurs accomplished? Also pretty wild and impressive.

    1. What they did was truly incredible. All one has to do is drive through many parts of the midwest (i.e. Missouri). If nothing else, these early explorers/trappers left their names to mark the places they had been.

  2. "Journal of a Trapper" by Osbourne Russell- just in case you missed it.

  3. His luck ran out, though. He was killed by the Arikara with two companions in 1833.


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