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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The religion of peace?



  1. Missing from the graphic ...
    .. Stoning to death
    .. coitus with goats

  2. I swear, I don't understand why people have trouble believing that islam really IS the religion of peace. islam believes everyone must be or convert to being a muslim. islam believes the world should be a universal caliphate. When all of the infidels are either dead, converted to muslim, a tax-paying slave (dhimmi), or a sex slave, the world will be at peace. islam will have created a world at peace. Well, at least for the first few minutes, until the Sunnis start stabbing and shooting the Shiites.

  3. What truly irks me - amongst many things, alas - is that my wife, a Muslim-by-birth who grew up in a Muslim-majority country, was HORRIFIED when she saw how Arabized Dearborn was in 2008. She grabbed my arm in fear while walking around the apartment-complex pond when she saw a woman in a niqab, saying "Oh no, they're here, I'm afraid!"

    So what we have is a woman with first-hand knowledge of Islam... who is disbelieved by liberals whose only knowledge of Islam is second-and-third hand.

    (And wife is talking with our Rabbi about converting! :)


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