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Monday, January 28, 2019

Bracken: Covington Gives A Glimpse Of Civil War Two

Bracken: Covington Gives a Glimpse of Civil War Two

Reflect and ponder while you can. Read the entire article HERE


  1. What the Left forgets is , that in future civil war, they will find themselves, for the most part, clustered in densely populated urban areas, quite vulnerable to disruptions of deliveries of food, and water .
    You don't find too many wells in New York City or San Francisco .

  2. Here's what I don't get, Irish. Think about it - you are a lefty f-knuckle, dedicated to social justice and all the other codswallop the left embraces. I get that. But - here's the thing: your friends in the media go out and fabricate a story - say, as they did with the Covington High School kids - in a blatant attempt to manipulate you and deceive you.

    Even as a Liberal... shouldn't that stick in your craw? Most people would object to being used like that - but these a-holes just shrug it off and try to find something else to get riled up about.

  3. I'm just curious where the military will be on all this. No one mentions that very critical strategic and tactical aspect of an American CW. If the military doesn't splinter politically and remains under a single command.....Well, in my fledgling opinion. Whoever is commanding the military is commanding the victory.
    God bless the president!

  4. I am reminded of an expression I learned during my years of military service. My oath of office comes to mind first. My obligation first to the US Constitution and second that the US military is controlled by civilian leadership(politicians). And the most memorable expression I can recall is " M-67; when 'fuck you' just doesn't say it loud enough"
    be assured, from the highest ranking asshat to the lowest ranking guy with his/her finger in the trigger guard, the first thought one has on receiving orders is is it lawful. not pulling the trigger is always the option available to any rank.

    1. You give far to much credit to todays military. The officer corp has seen a purge of smart and patriotic men. Only the politicians and yes-men remain. Would a few desert and/or take arms against their fellow soldiers, sure. By most will stay without a word and justify it by stating that they need to survive and saying 'I'm only following orders' will be the quickest cop out.


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