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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why aren't "theirs" referred to as ASSAULT WEAPONS?

That is just one question I would like to ask about .gov agencies (i.e. "the infernal revnue service") having small arsenals of weapons at their disposal along with the fact that these same agencies are "STOCKPILING" (another media buzz word normally used to demonize gun owners who have more than a couple of boxes of ammo) massive amounts of ammunition. According to the GAO audit, at the end of 2017 the IRS had 4,487 "guns" and 5,062,006 rounds of ammunition. The article goes on to state that 15 of the guns are "fully automatic". DHS had 194 full autos by the way. Then the article goes on to mention that in addition to guns and ammo the EPA had "silencers" in their storehouses. Why would the Environmental Protection Agency or any other .gov agency need suppressors? It could be they fear retaliation from someone they have driven out of business because the owner contributed to the RNC, or the owner "violated" some silly made up regulation. It could be the .gov agency is afraid a family member of some farmer whose property was confiscated after the "agency" determined said property to be "wetlands" might want a little "payback".  Read the entire article HERE.


  1. And it is ALL POINTING AT US, instead of the REAL CRIMINALS.

    1. In their minds if you even question their right to serve as Guides/Shepherds who are merely benignly moving us , their flock, towards the Liberal goal of Righteous Socialism, then you are the criminal/enemy of the State.

  2. If the government has them they aren't assault weapons on the streets, they are weapons of war.

    I have to admit I'm less worried about the IRS than I should be. Over 4000 guns, but only enough sights for 103 of them...

  3. The 2nd Amendment does guarantee the right to own ARMS in common use by the military.


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