Tuesday, December 18, 2018

When Your Grandpa Was A Dedicated Machinist....

and this was the only way Grandma could get him to go on vacation.....

actually it was a Lathe Salesman's Car.. Before the Interwebz :)  <<<<<


  1. That is cool Irish! At the RV camp, ya can whip out broken parts for your RV Buds! I could have that old Woodie Station Wagon too!

  2. Looks like a nice little South Bend. I'd take it in a heart beat!

    Whitehall, NY

  3. WTF, my comment disappeared.
    That would be cool in this day and age.
    I see a drive belt but no motor, I wonder if the thing actually worked?

  4. No, Dear; I said "Do you want to get LATHED!"

  5. Have Lathe, will travel!


  6. Yep, SB 9, likely the A. Usual power setup- small motor to jackshaft to flat belt triple pulley. Motor is under/behind the head. Bronze bearings, 4 foot bed, qc gearbox. Collet drawbar on the display, the usual gawdawful lantern tool post standard for the day. Took quarter inch HSS cutters. Still find 'em, used, on e-bay for stupid prices (>1000). A nice lathe in its day, completely outclassed today. If you find a well tooled one in decent shap now for a couple hundred, it's (maybe) worth restoring if you have the requisite skill set and a decent machine shop already.

  7. Wish I had it. A retired machinist and just recently back in a machine shop.


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