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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Back In The Good Ol' Days.....


  1. "Roll a window"? How about dial a phone number.

  2. Walking twelve blocks to school and back, no problem. Later on, walking 3/4 of a mile just to get on the school bus. Hey, country living.

  3. ...and show me yours and I'll show you mine, here I'll give you some marbles too...
    Climbing trees. Building forts. Once found a whole stack of Penthouse magazines in an old boat used as a play structure put behind a Lutheran church. Hiding out in the loft of an old barn when the owner came by.

  4. It was even better in the 50s.

    We didn't have Lefties (well, we had them, but they knew what would happen if they tried anything).

  5. Oh hell yeah! A .22 single shot and a pocket of shorts, a wooden wall phone you had to crank to get on a party line, bread truck, ice truck, Dr. house calls, crank the Model A, bed sheet parachuting off the garage roof,Mom beatin' our ass with a wooden coat hangar, and we turned out OK.

  6. And, oh yeah, TV (B&W was a lot better than color when you think about how the quality of the shows went down), movies, music, and candy - so much better in the 50s

    1. B&W tv? I started out with just a radio listening to the Shadow, Amos & Andy,etc. It was wonderful.

  7. Yes, I remember all of those great memories. My walk to school was only 1 mile but now the school is just down the road (less than 100 yards) and the bus picks them up - I couldn't believe it the first time I noticed.

  8. Remember putting on leggings (girls and boys) to walk to school on the cold days of winter!


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