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Friday, October 5, 2018

Stand Your Ground Explained In Easy To Understand Terms...

 Borrowed from ACE's

"Here Sheriff Grady Judd narrates what happens when you run someone off the road, threaten to kill them, and then bring a pretend gun to a gunfight and the other guy happens to be a CCW holder who is armed with a real gun. Short answer: You get shot. A lot. God I love this man."....  Maetenloch

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  1. WE need more Sheriffs like this one. This is a Lawman, not a politician.

  2. Not disagreeing with him but he is a publicity hound. We lived in Florida two counties over from where he is sheriff and he would be on tv more than all the other sheriffs in the local area combined.

  3. "Now, Goofball here..."

  4. SYOG works and is an impediment to criminals.


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