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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Back In The Day...

That Superbird is in the 200,000.00 plus catagory nowadays......


  1. I used to drive a car carrier. I was delivering to a Chrysler Plymouth Jeep dealer in northern NJ during a snowstorm. After putting the cars on the ground i walked into the Showroom to get my papers signed when a guy pulls up in a SuperBird. There must have been 6 inches of snow on the ground and the road. I went over asked the guy if he was playing with a full deck for driving it in a snowstorm. He said that one is my beater, I have a brand new one in the garage.

  2. 1974, buying my first motorcycle. I priced a new FXE SuperGlide at the Harley dealer $3295.
    I ended up buying 6 months old used FX SuperGlide(kick start only)for $2800 from a friend of a friend.

  3. In '66 I bought a '61 'Vette for $2450. Last I saw, they were going for $50+k....sigh.

  4. Just for fun(?), let's look at those prices in some REAL terms. For this exercise I'm assuming we're shopping in 1969 for the 1970 model year. In 1969 the 'price' of one troy oz. of gold was fixed at 35 FRNs. Let's go all out and buy a Superbird!

    4095 / 35 = 117 troy oz. gold exactly. (nice! whole numbers are always easier to work with!)

    Current listed price of gold (per kitco*) is 1189 FRNs(rounded because it fluctuates by the minute and, whole number!)


    117 Toz. gold x 1189 per Toz. = 139,113 FRNs.

    * Kitco live prices http://www.kitco.com/charts/livegold.html

  5. Used a "cost of living inflation calculator" and todays cars are roughly 20 to 25 percent more expensive than those 1970 cars.
    However, when you compare what you are getting with todays vehicles the new ones are much less expensive than the 1970 ones.
    A SRT Hellcat starts at around $59,000 and a well equipped one goes for $65,000.
    You could take a Hellcat and drive it across the country and be fairly comfortable, if you took a Superbird across the country........
    I still would rather take a Superbird the length of the Seney stretch though.
    The Seney Stretch, "The road between the towns of Seney and Shingleton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a 25-mile, laser-straight shot through a vast swamp and wildlife refuge." it is boring and well patrolled.


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