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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Goodbye Summetime, Hello Cooler Temps And Hurricane Michael


It has truly been an Indian Summer across the southeastern U.S., but hot weather is forecast to leave northern Alabama the end of this week. A trough of high pressure will continue to steer Hurricane Michael eastward as he pushes ashore. I hope everyone in the Florida panhandle, southeast Alabama, and the southern half of Georgia has been paying attention and making the appropriate preparations (at a minimum food and drinking water for five days for humans and pets, top-off the gas tanks and maybe some extra in cans for generator, etc.,  flashlights, batteries, candles, an alternate source for charging cellphones, battery operated radio, the securing of important documents, filling/storage of necessary prescription medications, Secondary items might include but are not limited to liquor, beer, smokes, chew, etc.). Good luck and Godspeed!


  1. Been down below freezing at night here. Indian Summer might pop up for a week, but it's closing in on Winter here!

  2. I think it was 87 F here today (northwest Alabama). Thursday morning it is supposed to be in the forties and the high is forecast for 71 F. I sure hope so. I am ready for fall and a lower electric bill (AC and pool pump has been eating me alive). Folks from Montgomery south and across to Atlanta better get ready. The coastal areas could see a foot of rain and tidal surges of 10-12 feet. Strong winds, possible tornadoes, and flooding is expected further inland. We might not even get any rain (much needed) from this storm as far north as we are. I have seen frost here the first week in October, though not the norm. We usually have a frost by the third week. Unless the pattern changes, we may not see it this year.


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