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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What's All The Fuss About?



    The MSM/Demokratz can "dish it out, but they can't take it". There is such a double standard among "those people". I was reading on ABC that Jarret was blaming Barr's "racist" comments on her allegiance to Trump. I hope this ends up biting them on the ass.

    1. If there's enough pushback, they will.

      PS The head of Starbucks said at his "sensitivity" training yesterday Trump was responsible for the racial divide in this country.

      No, ValJar was. She was the one who told Idiot boy what to do.

    2. I agree. The Obama, Jarrett, Holder admin did more to harm racial harmony in this country than any admin in the history of the the USA. Outside of the Johnson admin. The founders of our great country struggled over the issue of slavery in our founding. Most hated it in spite of the fact they may have been slaveholders themselves. They thought of them as unfortunate of their situation, but not as less than human. Jefferson in particular took great care of his servants and experienced great pain at their servitude. Several other of our founders were well liked by their servants and even loved by them. Trust me when I tell you not all slaves were well treated by their masters. But I'll bet most were. Roots was a fairy tale. My father's (and my) ancestors were sent here as slaves or indentured servants in the 1600s as debtors or criminals from Scotland and Ireland to live short, brutish lives. Likely to die young under hellish conditions. And I'm grateful they were. As here I live. In the greatest country in the history of ever.

  2. I now realize I was too quick to judge Roseanne.

  3. she is an islam pig. this libturd can just bugger off.

  4. The MSM policy is Democrats are above reproach and cannot be criticized under any circumstances. The opposite applies to NON-RINO republicans and conservatives

  5. Looks not even the same level as the "Trump baboons" that the left was putting up. They can't take the tiniest bit of return fire at all.


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