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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Homeowner 1 / Bad Guy 0

There is an old saying about bringing a cane to a gunfight or is that a knife? Anyhow, the homeowner was armed and "took care of business". Notice from the transcript the homeowner used the past tense when she said "we had an intruder".

A caller to the Morgan County E-911 Center earlier this month told a dispatcher that an intruder at the home was shot when he tried to kill residents there, according to a 911 transcript. “We had an intruder,” the female caller told the dispatcher. "And he tried to … he tried to kill us and we shot him. He’s still in the house.

“… He’s … he’s laying here. He’s been shot.”
The transcripts of two 911 calls were obtained by The Decatur Daily through a public records request.
The dispatcher continued to question the caller, asking if the residents shot the intruder. “We did. He was hurting us. He was trying to kill us. He come in our bedroom beating us.”
The man was identified as Tchaasu Ankhkara Taylor, 24, of Madison, according to Decatur police. Taylor was pronounced dead at the scene by Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn, police said.
Decatur police believe Taylor acted alone and said the case was to be presented to a Morgan County grand jury.
According to Decatur police, the Morgan County E-911 Center received a call at about 2:15 a.m. on May 13 of a burglary in progress at 83 Creek Meadow Drive in the Trinity police jurisdiction.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

UPDATE: I cannot imagine what this young man was doing out of jail. He had been booked in Madison County on charges of domestic violence and kidnapping earlier this month. I wonder if Madison County AL has some sort of "free pass" like we saw in Cook County Illinois recently The home he invaded was approximately 30 miles from his hometown. The small rural community where this took place is quiet and hardly has any crime. Fortunately, the homeowners were prepared.

TAYLOR, TCHAASU ANKHKARA – BOOKING MUGSHOT 2018-05-09 14:36:30, Madison County, Alabama


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    1. I don't know Mike. The name sort of sounds like a Farrakhan/Moozlum "wannabe" to me.

  2. Boy got what he needed.

  3. >I cannot imagine what this young man was doing out of jail.
    How about "disproportionate impact"? That's always a good one.

    1. Exactly Mike_C!

      "Disparate impact is often referred to as unintentional discrimination, whereas disparate treatment is intentional. ... For example, testing a particular skill of only certain minority applicants is disparate treatment."

  4. Gene pool is another drop cleaner. Madison county should replace her ammo.


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