Saturday, January 20, 2018

This guy says "shithole" almost as much as CNN, but he makes some great points! (Funny and True!)

Shamelessly "borrowed" from Chief Nosewetter

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  1. Hi Irish!!!!!,
    'Ya know, there are "Shit holes.. or is it... Shitholes?? either way no one paid homage to "SHIT RIVER!!!!" If'n yer an old "WESTPAC SAILOR" you know!!! Back in the day, it was the "R & R" center, supply dump and all around center of OPS for all things Western Pacific (WESTPAC!!!) One word..... "SUBIC!!" The dividing line between the Navy base and the town (Olongopo!) aka 'Po-town was a canal... with a bridge to get to and from.... the canal was affectionately named by us...... "SHIT RIVER!!!!!!!" Leave it to a Sailor!! My last venture into 'Po-town was in late '70 before I left the NAVY.... it was a few years later that someone came up with the "100 Mission patch over 'SHIT RIVER'" a circular patch with Snoopy on his Doghouse in Pursuit!!!! The hookers were "HOT!!!" but the Penacillin!! ...a great big barrel glass full into yer' butt was "COLD!!!" Know what I mean!! I'll have to email you a screen catch of the patch!!
    Meanwhile, just remember ..."WE" knew shitholes and shit river before any of these whiney ass liberal snoflakes were even a twinkle in their grandfather's eye!!!!
    And who can forget the sweet, pungent aroma of bar-BQ pits on street corners in Po-town selling "Monkey meat" bar-BQed on a shiskabob...but we knew it was all "DOG MEAT!!!"... Never saw a "LIVE DOG!!" the whole time I was ever in the Philippines!!!!!!!
    No Shit Sherlock!!!!!!!,


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