Friday, January 19, 2018

Hell Yes.....


  1. I'm planning on it!

  2. In a quick minute. I'd have to have internet, though.

  3. 'Rather have a "Camp" on "Owl Bayou" just up from "Manchac!!!" On the west side of the "Highrise" 17.2 stick on the La. part of I-55......
    Blue skies,

  4. only on days that end with a y.

  5. Not so fast. First a windstorm knocks over a nearby tree. Then a forest fire comes to within half a mile and the firefighters make you spend a few days away. Then the wife, having mulled over the fallen 120 foot 20 ton tree and the fire, makes you log all the trees within 200 feet of your cabin in the woods. And pay for heavy equipment to grub out the stumps and landscape.

    So if you're wishing, wish for a cabin in meadow. Cheaper in the long run.


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