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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sounds about right


  1. Thats about it,

  2. Thanks Scott. I think I'll make that a post by itself.

  3. N2N- Is this as also a Socialist-Liberal Public Opinion control agenda play?

    Here in Augusta Ga, the CSA memorial statue is local, privately funded statue and is directly in front of the Local Newspapers main entrance and has been there for 120+/- years.

    It has been part of Augusta's History like I said for over 120+/- years. To add fuel to the fire, the Local Newspaper in Augusta Ga, has been hyping the planned monument protest this week.

    Also, if anyone wants to talk about Neo-Nazi's Style E-History Book Burnings and 1984 Orwell oversights, we here in Augusta GA, have already experienced the Liberal/Socialist Opinion control.
    The Local Newspaper, to control public opinion, ceased allowing, and even ERASED every comment for the last 10+ years. Comments, which covered factual responses to Obama, the DNC Socialist agenda, social issues, Local Political, Power Elite abuses and just plain Stupid Liberal emotional Rants.
    But deleting that history was OK for them.

    1. What a shame. Instead of unbiased "free" press, we have one bought and paid for by the leftist!
      Deo Vindice


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