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Thursday, August 24, 2017

IF You Only Get A Change To Read One Post Today....

  THIS should be the one.   <<<<LINK




  1. Excellent response by Mr. Rowe. I concur. My oldest grandson is taking wielding courses in high school and plans to enlist in the Coast Guard when he graduates next year. Eventually he wants a career in HVAC, much like his father who didn't go to college until his late 40's. For many students and their parents, college is a dream scam offering degrees that don't mean squat in the real world.

  2. So, basically if someone forgets a hyphen, comma, misspells a word, disagrees with the liberals point of view, didn't graduate college, owns a gun, drives a pickup truck, hunts, is from a Southern state, etc., then that person is defined by liberals as a racist (nazi, redneck, ignorant, white nationalist, hillbilly, etc.). So, what's new? Almost all liberals believe exactly like Mr. Adkins. Mr. Rowe did an excellent job of getting his point across to right minded people that read this piece or heard that particular show and who can logically reason and think, but he did not and will not change any of the minds of liberals whose beliefs are based upon emotions or whatever is convenient for their agenda. It is easier to change the spots on a leopard.

  3. Agree 100% w Jeffery (above). Even if a liberal would read thru this, He/She, (or whatever) would not relate.
    Mom`s basement is far easier than any trade school.
    I refuse to give up. The silent(peaceful) majority is still alive and well.
    Mike Rowe is a smart Dude, and He obviously has tried to remain neutral, (except that show He had on CNN),
    so You can expect to be spanked if You call Him out.
    Wish He would team up w/ James Woods


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