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Monday, August 7, 2017

Bloomington, Minnesota Bomb Blast at Local Mosque

The Governor of Minnesota and many other talking heads are too quick to point fingers and use terms such as terrorism, Islamophobia, work of extremist, hate crimes, etc.,  after an explosion occurred at a Bloomington,  MN mosque. It is early and a thorough investigation needs to be concluded before these wild accusations are made by folks who do not have a clue. Who is to say the explosion was not the result of some "jihadi-John" wannabe bomb maker mishandling components while building an IED? It has not been that long ago the BATFE was asking citizens to report suspicious activity and/or people who had "suddenly" lost arms, legs, or digits. I suppose the feds felt this would indicate that the maimed person might be involved in a a bomb-making attempt gone awry. Seriously, it is not like those Islamist do not already have a history of making and detonating bombs, running over people in crowded venues, knifing/shooting folks, or generally harming innocent men, women, and children, in the name of allah or anything. These reactions have reminded me of the phrase"never let a crisis go to waste".


  1. Hey Jeffrey;

    Most likely and I am guessing, it is a different sect of islam involved in this. If this is a sunni mosque, most likely it will be shia, and vice versa. or it might be somebody at the misque hoping to gin up sympathy. You also notice when a muslim guy goes on a rampage, and screams "Allah Ackbar" we are told not to be too haste in assigning motive....but in this case....well I suppose the rules are different.

  2. Google Cedar-Riverside explosion New Years day and see what was said about that situation in Minnesota by the authorities.Fast building demolition and fast declaration of non-terrorist activity in a Somali neighborhood.


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