Tuesday, August 8, 2017

House With Confederate Flag Stormed in Alabama Two Males Killed (aka "Rabbittown Murders")

On July 23rd, at about 4:00 A.M., two black males stormed a home near Piedmont, Alabama. Two white males, Travis Frost a grandfather and his grandson Joshua Dylan Moody, were beaten and shot to death. Frost's wife, the grandmother, hid and was not found by the attackers who also stole and burned the couples car a short distance from the crime scene.

Local media outlets have been practically silent regarding this crime. Until the recent break below, there had not been any mention of race, pictures of the victims or the perpetrators. Neither has there been any mention of the Confederate Flag being the motivating factor or of a granite monument erected in memory of Travis Frost and placed at his favorite fishing spot by friends. This is very a very unusual crime for this area. Click HERE for the rest of the story and watch the video to see the Sheriff's latest press release.

H/T to Bushwhacker Bob in Cullman


  1. Why weren't these people armed? Such things don't make sense, particularly if you live in the "black belt."

    1. I don't know Quartermaster. It is hard to say what happened. I keep a pistol on the nightstand and shotgun by the front door. It was four in the morning so the victims could have been surprised. According to the article, the grandmother had time to hide and was not discovered. I can't imagine a "sneak" attack. My dogs would have more than likely alerted me long before they were anywhere near the front door. This small community is in a rural area inside the Talladega National Forest. It is almost exclusively white. I imagine that crime is a lot like where I live with petty thefts, etc. and rarely a violent crime. The perps were from Anniston which was about thirty minutes away. Was it a random act? I doubt it. I am interested in learning more.


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