Monday, April 10, 2017

Good ol' boy.. Time to retire...

  1991 Kitamura that has been on the floor since 2005.  

I saved it from being scrapped back then.

It needed some various missing parts and through the years we have rebuilt the table clamping system for the pallets as well as air lines, hydraulic lines and wiring. Mag starters and relays were updated as well as memory and option parameters. The Fanuc OM-C is a good basic
control but doesn't compare to the new generation controls with high feed, contour control
and processing speed.

Finally it has gotten too tired and re-doing the turcite on the box ways is not cost effective.
That is one of the downfalls of the box way system although they are very rugged.

The new generation linear rail machines only need grease/oil as maintenance.

Off it goes to the be returned as something else made from the cast iron and steel.




  2. If you were within driving range, I might make an offer on it.

    There are days I get sick of working on my machine. I want to be working with my machine. Making stuff.

  3. Back in the 80's I worked as line chief in a blow mold plastics company. One of the machines was from WWII Germany and the op manual was in German. They kept the manual in the box on the machine, but, as far as I know, they are still using it. I did have to buy a set of metric tools, though.

  4. They don't make sky hook makers like they used to. I get my sky hooks down the street from a guy what uses a Bushnobber 1000CX

  5. Nice machine. New ones don't seem to last as long.


  6. It looks like something they used when I had an exam at the Mayo Clinic.


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