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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Here's A Group of Assholes That You Can Boycott..

  Some of them I don't even recognize because I don't go to the movies or watch TV.

"Don't Feed The Moonbats".. as Bubba used to say.

They have disabled comments on youtube so you can't tell them to go fuck themselves there.
Meanwhile,Someone grabbed a screenshot of the likes vs. dislikes before they disabled that as well.... looks like a lot of people think they suck as well.......

I wonder what they would be saying if Hillary had won and a group of conservatives had
produced a video like this wanting the electors to change their vote from Hillary.??

Fuck you assholes.

 oh and by the way......


  1. I second that--fuck them assholes. My God was obama quilified? Noooooooo.

  2. You can contact the organization and tell them what you think.

    I did!

  3. What a bunch of A$$ holes, they didn't get their way and yet they want to destroy the republic because no one is listening to their tantrum?

    Take them and ship them to some dictatorship so they can see what their goals will eventually lead to.


  4. Un-tied for America? Is it okay to admit that, aside from the doddering Leftists (but I repeat myself), I didn't recognize most of those whiners?

  5. 96.6% in the negative? That's hilarious.

    1. BTW, awesome screencap. Kudos. I forwarded it to the Twitterverse.

  6. Fracken libturds!!!
    And along with that ALL wankers.

  7. if you go to their website - you have to login.
    if you try to use whois to find out who they are . . . "registration private"

    These taint licking Hollywood talking heads are too afraid to out themselves, yet ask others to give up on their responsibilities.

    So brave. Oh, wait.



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