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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Black Ice Causes Fiery Tanker Crash This Morning In Baltimore...

Story here <<<


  1. No identification of the truck driver. Another poorly-trained foreign driver?

  2. Why was someone stopped on the side of I-95 filming this tanker? I-95 is busy. Who stops there to film some tanker? Did the person filming see something wrong with the vehicle before it crashed, and stop to get it on video? I must be missing something obvious.

    1. It seems that both sides of the highway were involved in icy crashes. According to this info from the NY Daily News the cell cam film was taken from the other side where he had pulled over due to the accidents and road conditions:

      "The road was slippery, very, very slippery, and my car had to stop on its own, so I had to maneuver over to the shoulder," Marvellous Amasiatu said in an interview.

      "I looked to the other side and traffic was coming down like 50 mph, SUVs, a lot of tractor-trailers ... when I looked up, I saw the cars piling up, slamming on each other. I called 911."

    2. Here's the article:


  3. My usual question, when watching various true (or purportedly true) videos is, Why was someone filming at that time and place? Thank you, Irish, for the information and for the link!


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