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Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio State University: One Attacker Shot Dead/Ten Injured Taken to Hospital

Once again an apparent attack to kill or injure as many people as possible was carried out in another "Gun Free Zone" known as the campus of Ohio State. The attack is horrible, but yet even worse is the fact that law-abiding responsible citizens are denied the right to access firearms for their own personal protection! One attacker was shot and killed. Two other men were taken in custody by the police. It is not known if they are suspects, accomplices, persons of interest, etc. A federal LEO told CNN there was only one attacker. However, The Columbus Post reported there were at least two (one with a machete and one with a gun) So far, any involved have not yet been identified. I have to wonder is that because the media does not know the name(s) or is it because they are not reporting it. After some of the shenanigans the "press" pulled during the elections, any and everything is off the table. "CNN reported that Hillary Klinton, with the official recount,  has a 95% chance of overturning the election 😅." 

Photos above of the two men taken into police custody. 

The one who was "lit-up" by the police. 

One of the stories can be read HERE


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  1. President ObeyMe commented on this incident...

    Not Islam? Well it sure as hell wasn't an old lady from the local Hadassah chapter.


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