Thursday, December 1, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things...
** Exactly.  Realistically, recounts won't change the election... but it'll be enough to discredit
Trump's win.  And the MSM will go into overdrive challenging his legitimacy 24/7.  Not unrelated:
** Quote: "Since 80 percent of noncitizens vote Democratic..."
>> Explaining the Left's illegal-philia.
** Long, revolting, but very well documented.  You read about how there were MOUNTAINS of evidence
and nothing happened... and gag.  And one specific example:
** Black Friday mob scenes.  Imagine what they'll do if there's a grid attack and the
food is gone.
** IN THEIR OWN WORDS they tell us their plans.  Related:
** Video of Leftards welcoming their conquerors.  These people, every last one of them, need to be
beaten and raped by the Muslims.  Oh, wait, they're ALREADY being beaten and raped and STILL
want these people coming in.
** This is the reason I call the NYT the "New York Times-Traitors" and the WaPo the "Washington Post-Communist."  Related:

** Yes, you read that right.  "Fake" includes the foundational documents of America.
** One should, so they say, speak only good of the dead.  OK, Fidel Castro is dead.  Good.  Related:
** The REAL Cuba.  What tourists and the visiting elites see is a Potemkin Village.  Related:
** What a literal ghoul - draining his execution victims of their blood before they were shot, and selling it.
** To admit they're wrong, they'd have to admit that their whole world-view is wrong.  Too many on
the left will not just double-down, they'll quadruple-down.
** Inconvenient data.

** Demographics is destiny.  And note the desire for a truly controlled life, rather than the more complex - but ultimately more rewarding
- "animated contest of real life".
** So funny, so true... and the cartoon is worth the time.
** Longish but written by a cop in a very bad area.
** Liberals CREATED the backlash.  Good image.
** Read this... for the Left, the only standards they have are DOUBLE STANDARDS.
** "Stolen."  Uh huh.
** Why, it's almost as if we're hard-wired to feel good when we're spiritually engaged.
** The future of America.  Done deliberately.  Here's a column in a college newspaper that echos this:
** Raised and weaned on a steady diet of America-hatred.
** Quote: "I leave you with this thought - civil war is unavoidable."
>> I'm afraid this article is right.  Related:
** Read the raw, naked hatred coming from the Left.  Look at the violence they're doing already across the country.  It's
a very small step, IMHO, from "I hate you and want you dead!" to "I hate you and will make you dead!" especially when most
people you know feel the same way... and you believe yourself to be such better people because of what you believe.
** Ditto.  What he said!

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