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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video Of The Plane Crash Gif From Earlier....

Story HERE

A pilot is lucky to be alive after a crash on the runway almost decapitated him as a competitor's plane wing skimmed his head.
F1 racer pilot Thom Richard said he considers himself a very lucky man following the accident, which left him with just an injured hand.
He uploaded the shocking footage to YouTube which shows him sitting on the runway as one of eight pilots waiting to take off for the final race in the gold heat for the Formula One class at the National Championship Air Race.
Seconds later a competitor can be seen approaching him from behind and slams into his plane, unbelievably close to his head.
Thom explained that he was having trouble with his plane and signalled for the race to be stopped, but something went wrong and the plane was allowed to fly towards him.
He said: "Upon running the engine up in anticipation of the start, about 20 seconds before the green flag drop, the engine was not running well enough for flight, as you can hear from the audio, never mind racing.
"I made the decision to shut the engine down to signal the starters to halt the starting process.


  1. I figured there was video out there, couldn't find it because I was convinced the silent gif was a glider. No search results for that type accident. The video clearly has his engine running. Lucky guy. Happy to be alive too.

  2. Great video. Link needs to be updated, though: They must have moved the article.


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