Monday, August 8, 2016

Isn't Fakebook Lovely? A collection of violent threats against Secret Service-protected Trump...

As you scroll through them imagine if trumps name was changed to O or H..What would the repercussions be?




  1. I've never thought FB was Mensa territory.

  2. What a disgusting collection of mouth-breathers whose mouths move as they use the keyboard.

  3. The only things more empty than their threats is their heads. No way any of them has three digits in their IQ.

    1. Sure they do. Like this: III representing three upheld fingers, which I also believe is the Roman Numeral for "3".

      Sounds about right to me.

    2. I doubt any of them has an IQ that exceeds their belt size.

  4. Whatever happened to it supposedly being a Federal crime to make death threats against candidates much less sitting politicians? I mean, I know we all get fed up with these guys but geez to go on FB and state so publicly? Where is the FBI, (I know, I know already) to nab a few of these clowns and put them through the ringer and make their lives miserable for doing such stupidity. At least put the rest of the bozo's on notice that their names, accounts, etc. are "the subject of investigation."


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