Friday, July 29, 2016

Well Now, According To The Lab Analysis We Are Growing A New Form Of Life......

...... in our cleaning tank.

There is this weird slimy goo that is "growing" in our parts cleaning tank. We use a rust preventative rinse on our  CNC tool holders and collets before storing them in the tool cabinet.

Lately a bunch of this "life form" of snot has been floating around in the tank...

The company that manufactures the water soluble coolant and rinse has had a sample analyzed and this report, a breakdown of the goo, was received in an email today.

Hmmmmm    Read the "Interpretation and Conclusion" section :

 Maybe I should throw some socks in there to absorb it.


  1. Well, it ain't Steve McQueen and "The Blob" but maybe you can get by with Irish and "The Glop."

  2. What you need is to add biocide to kill that crap.


  3. what grows on your socks probaly kill it


  4. It's ALIVE! (Said in your best Gene Wilder voice from Young Frankenstein)

  5. What Exile1981 said.
    We get nasty shit like that in our cooling water systems and it will get so bad that it will actually plug up large heat exchangers.

    We took one apart that was plugged up almost completely and had to scrape the shit out. It will plug up lines, pumps and fittings if you don't kill it dead and flush it out.
    We use Biocide in all our systems now.


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