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Friday, May 20, 2016

The USS Mooshelle Obama Lives Up To Her Namesake As She Wedges Her Way Through The Panama Canal....



  1. USS Iowa (BB-61). She and her sisters were the last capital ships designed to fit through the locks. None of the aircraft carriers will.

  2. I volunteer on the Iowa. I'm in the "Radio restoration" group, and we've got the 1980's radio gear on-the-air again.

    The Iowa was unique, as it was the only one one of the four that still had all the radio left on her in the mothball fleet.

  3. Hey now! Iowa girls are known to be a bit on the hefty side. Midwestern traditions of meat and potatoes!

  4. dammit man, I've been holding that pic for over a week waiting for the right time to post .... now have to wait another week !

  5. Obama will fix that problem when he sinks all our Battle Ships and wins.


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