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Friday, May 20, 2016

Beautiful Custom Fly Fishing Rods....


  A plug for fellow blogger BW's  >> Everybody Has To Be Somewhere<<   friend 

named Luke Weiser that makes stunning custom fly fishing rods...

I work in bamboo because it moves
the way nature wanted a rod to be

Luke Weiser


Although I personally haven't fly fished I can appreciate the workmanship of these.



  1. I admittedly know nothing about fly fishing....but I can say with certainty that his work is visually stunning. I checked out the site too. Looks like exceptional work.

  2. Thanks Irish! This was a part time venture for him. He decided to take the plunge and do this full time.

  3. Beautiful. I have a 6' 6" 3 wt. custom bamboo rod. Love to fish it, it just seems different than the modern materials.

  4. That kind of craftsmanship is always a joy to gaze on.

  5. What a beautiful rod. Split bamboo fly rods ain't cheap.

  6. What a beautiful rod. Split bamboo fly rods ain't cheap.

  7. I'll be taking up fly fishing this summer. Will go to Red's Fly Shop on the upper Yakima for lessons. http://redsflyshop.com/ When I go to my getaway home in the lower Yakima valley I usually go by Red's for a pit stop, a brew, and to just sit on the deck and watch the river run by. They have some nice rods, but nothing like these in the article. Wow!


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