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Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Trump Ad "Barbecues" Hillary's Ass

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and appropriately so. He may not be the most conservative guy running, but he has guts. There isn't another of the sixteen RHINO candidates who were running against Trump who would have ever dared to put this ad out there. In fact, the RHINOS control the house and senate and what have they done to prosecute Hillary for her several criminal acts or what have they done to stop or repeal any of the "BBB's" (Barry the Bathroom Bandit) executive decisions. Watch and enjoy, though the last few seconds reminds me of something from a horror film!


  1. Grill marks on her ass and skid marks in her shorts works for me.
    Fucking cunt.

  2. Powerful.
    Hard to understand how any human could watch, and understand that, yet still vote for the evil cunt.

    1. Exactly Timbo! The sad thing is while thinking miners and independents rejected Hildebeast's platform and her lunatic plan for the coal industry in their state, some of those West Virginia coal miners still voted for even after she said she was going to put them out of work and shut down the large coal companies! I know in Alabama the UMWA supported democraps for years and was a fairly strong political factor until most miners discovered their union dues were going to support a party that in recent years wanted strongly to put them mines out of business. I'll bet some of those members STILL voted for Hitlery in Alabama though. With the price of coal down from wacko regulations put forth by this anti American-muslim administration and a failed economy most of the mines in Alabama are shut down, coal companies are in bankruptcy, and miners are out of work. I guess we should all thank the democraps for working hard to stop the burning of "fossil fuels" and the lazy ass republicraps who stood around with their thumbs up their asses and did nothing to stop them. Thanks Timbo and to all for stopping by.

    2. The Democrat machine is even more crooked than the Republican machine when it comes to election fixing. Certainly there are "vagina firsters," but these radical feminists are all that Hillary has. The Common Core educated Millenials are going for Bernie Sanders.

      Of course Bernie is the American Hugo Chavez, so it won't really matter which democrat gets the nomination.

  3. Trump didn't have to post a video for the to hate the Bitch of Benghazi. I didn't like her as the enabling first lady who stayed with Bill for her own personal gain. In fact, she is where she is today from riding in on Bill's coattails. He only accomplishment is, so far, not being indited.

  4. Very effective. No other candidate would have put it out
    Esp Romney RYAN. They only attack the man that we the people want
    I thk RYAN career is gonna tank
    We dnc what he wants to endorse TRUMP. TRUMP AGENDA period. We don't want him to cave to irrelevant RYAN


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