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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Great Read / Audible Book That Was Recommended To Me...

recommended "The Creature From Jekyll Island" as an eye-opening book to what the FED has done regarding money creation, debt, financial control and what has transpired toward one world socialism.

He has a post HERE

Last week I downloaded the "Audible" version and have been listening to it during the daily commute.

It is EYE_OPENING to say the least. 

If you have read it, post a comment with your thoughts if you like.


  1. That is a good book that I read years ago. The FED is a private corporation and not subject to U.S. laws. It lends money to our government with interest. It is a 100 year old ponzi scheme that will eventually crash. Woodrow Wilson was a traitor for allowing the creation of the Federal Reserve. It is no more Federal than Federal Express!

  2. If you haven't read this book you don't know how badly you are getting fucked.
    Any country that has a Central Bank NOT tied into this Ponzi scheme is being systematically destroyed. Libya, Syria, Iran. It puts a lot of geopolitics into perspective when you know how private Central Banks operate and profit off running a printing press.

  3. It is a great read on the real purpose of the "Fed." They are in existence to protect the big banks and restrict competition. The name "Fed" is a misnomer. You should read this book and encourage others. You are being used.


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