Sunday, February 21, 2016

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Complied and submitted by AFOI.
** Quote: "That was 2000. Before Bush took office. Before Bush possibly could have "lied" about Saddam and WMD."
** The moment you see the words "CIA" and "asset" in an email, you should KNOW this is secret or better.
** RULE TWO: Those who control the flow of information control what people believe.

** Quote: "The twice-divorced 77-year-old took to social media in recent weeks to post an extraordinary warning that if she dies by 'suicide'
no-one should believe it."
** Ruh roh.
** NO, a Gitmo resident returns to Jihad?  NO NO NO!  Not possible - we've been ASSURED that's not possible.


** Another flash point.
** What a POS scumbag.
** We KNOW whose side Barackus is on.
** Dhimmitude.
** The death of Free Speech.
** Such wonderful people.  Let's bring millions of them here.
** And evidence in an embedded link they've used Sarin.  Hmmm.  Truck convoys from Iraq to Syria prior to war, ISIS in Syria using Sarin?
** Democrat vermin block minority judges if they're conservative.
** And some great links about the REAL history of slavery embedded.

** Really.  Just how much classified information does it take for the Left to pay attention?
** Yup.  Scratch a Leftist, find a totalitarian.  Related:
** Brownshirts in training.
** Which is it?  It's almost irrelevant.  Trump is awfully loose with his facts.
** Do I support the idea of hitting a student?  Of course not.  But... really?
** Short, to the point.  Quote: "Democrats using the courts to ram through divisive social changes that they're too timid to go on the record
supporting and/or risk dying in statewide ballot boxes, such as abortion, gay marriage, and socialized medicine."
** HA HA HA HA HA Liberal logic.  So true.  E.g., Hellary telling a crowd Bernie only recently became a Democrat - it's true, but they booed.
** File under "Standards, Double".
** At the end is a question.  The answer is, plainly, "No."
** Being a Leftist means never being accountable for the actual results of your policies.
** The campus atmosphere and dynamic is becoming truly toxic.
** The right attitude.
** Worrisome.
** Like everything else the Left does, they plan for the long term.
** Intentional or incompetent?  I go with intentional.  Flipping a coin he'd have gotten it right more often.
** Can you imagine if it was a bunch of whites doing this?  The outrage?
** Imagine if it were some white women doing this to a black church.
** Interesting.  One Pope builds a wall to stop Muslim pirates; this Pope plans on bringing them in.
** Useful observation.
** Being a Leftist means never having to live with - or acknowledge - the consequences of your actions.
** Another flashpoint.  I keep saying this: the world is filled with piles of dry tinder, and people are playing with matches.
** Think of the entire Democrat party as a criminal enterprise.  More:
** On one hand, this is good news.  But it doesn't matter.  Hellary could be on record directly ordering the terrorists to kill Americans, and
the Democrats would still vote for her.
** Insane.
** So... if Russia attacks Turkey, and Turkey invokes Article V anyway, EVERY ally of America will know America does NOT have their back - and
every enemy will know that too.

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