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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hillery Lies Some More About All The Hoops You To Go Through To Get A Mortgage...

  One of my friends is a mortgage broker.. he sends this:

Ok this is exactly why we cannot let another Clinton in the Whitehouse….the hoops this guy is complaining about are from the government..Hillary is just pandering to the minority vote by spouting off this hurtful nonsense.  She knows that they are a direct result of CFPB regulators and not bigotry…everyone one of us that originates or has financed a loan knows these hoops have nothing to do with bigotry as we all have to jump through them…and if we have poor credit..there are just additional hoops but they have nothing to do with race…she really is disgusting. 

Link to video :


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  1. I was in the mortgage business for 15 years and a real estate agent for part of that time, while in TN and I can tell you that is the biggest load of horse manure I have ever heard! Outright lie! The hoops depend upon credit worthiness, job stability, and ability to pay. Simple equations.

    The one thing that they did not point out, as it was not a point for them,... is that, are not the white/caucasion "race" ethnicity, whatever, becoming the minority? So what is that actually saying?

    Dear God in Heaven....please don't let that woman in the oval office....not even for tea. I ask this in your name. Amen!


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