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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Deadly Game of Fire and Ice

Below is a comment to this front page editorial by the NYT calling for end to "The Gun Epidemic". If the Times folks even understand how dangerous and inflammatory their propaganda regarding this subject, they certainly have not foreseen what the long term ramifications could be. The article from Bearing Arms

"I will not give up my guns. You will have to try to take them.
One of us will die.
I will not give up combat-capable rifles, their standard-capacity, 30-round magazines, nor any kind of ammunition that I see fit to run through these guns. I will not give up my combat-capable shotgun, designed to kill a human being the first time, every time with one well-aimed blast of plated buckshot. I will not give up my high-capacity semi-automatic pistols that I can hide under almost any kind of clothing without a hint that I’m armed at all, nor will I give up the hollowpoint ammunition that fills them. You will not take my long-range precision rifle, with which I control anything within a half-mile of my position.
I am one of 100 million armed American citizens, trained in the use of small arms by military and police trainers who want citizens to be armed against an increasingly tyrannical government.
We are free, and we will not submit to you."
Copiously stolen from Brock at Free North Carolina.


  1. Funny how they never think that Kosovo Rules apply to them.

    1. Exactly! I hope the rat-bastards that penned that seditious rhetoric are exposed! I wonder how many of those NYT scumbags actually own a gun, live in a secured building/gated community, or have some other form of "armed" security protecting them???? That is the thing about liberal-progressive-commie types. With their elitist attitude they believe the common person knows very little and that they know what is best for you (i.e. You are not capable of handling a firearm. Let the government take care of you).


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