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Monday, December 7, 2015

Leigh Rants.......Stupid is as stupid does, and inferred implications

Skin head retard  < LINK TO BACKGROUND STORY

Whitehall Nazis....almost as terrifying as Illinois Nazis.
Just not as competent......

So this moron gets arrested last year for spray painting racist graffiti all over town.
Fast forward to today - the brain surgeon posts on Fakebook that he is looking for weapons and ammo.
He just so happens to have a random person out of the blue contact him and offer automatic weapons, suppressors, and AP rounds.
What a friggin' retard!
Anyone that wasn't born under a rock knows that any automatic weapons being sold online are from Class III FFL's, ( who want tens of thousands of dollars for them, along with the proper paperwork, and a tax stamp) or under-cover FBI agents!
Hooray, the FBI just saved us from some schmuck who was just some loud mouthed racist, whom they probably lured and coerced into buying the weapons - like all the other "terrorists" they manage to catch. This guy was an idiot dirt bag, who rightfully deserves to be in jail. Do I feel safer because he got pinched, or that my community is safer? Not one bit.

Now riddle me this. Where were they when the assholes were preparing to shoot up and bomb San Bernadino? Oh yeah, that's right - all the proper vetting had already taken place, so no suspicion there.  

Yet, people that have undertaken the simplest of background checks have found that the female shooter had lied on her visa application, and that her immediate family had ties to a terrorist group.
Security FAIL
I guess DHS and the FBI don't know how to use fuckin' Google.

So in response to to the Sudden Jihadi Syndrome, brought about by AGW mind you, the New York Slimes advocates on the front page that the Bill of Rights should be declared null and void. That we should surrender our rights, "For the good of the children" (trademark/copy right of the DNC).
Illegitimate Fourth Estate
I think that this was a test of the waters for the current regime's planned telecast Sunday. The instantaneous backlash, of such a proposal, probably caused the pResident to hold off calling for an outright disarming of the American people. Oh, he alluded to it, then stopped short of outright saying it. 

 They are pushing hard to strip the last of our rights from us, on the off chance Hildabeast doesn't get elected.
Not that it matters. To them, we are the enemy.
72 Reasons you are an Enemy of the State

Whitehall, NY


 DHS has 72 employees on the "Terrorist Watch List" http://www.youngcons.com/72-department-of-homeland-security-employees-are-currently-on-the-terror-watch-list/
These are the people supposedly in charge of protecting the country.
Yet we are supposed to trust the fed in believing that denying people on the watch list as a reasonable course of action.
Except, no one is allowed to see the list.
No one is allowed to know how you got on the list.
No one is able, for the most part, to get off the list.
No due process, no evidence - just because!
Hell, even Ted Kennedy was on the No Fly List, and it took him WEEKS to get pulled off of it.
I don't friggin' think so!

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