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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Will a .22 Caliber Bullet Penetrate a Truck Windshield?

Watch this video to see for yourself.


  1. What does it do in a conventional rifle? What is that thing anyway? What does it do with an RST? What does it do with a S&W semi-auto?

    What does it do when it counts?

  2. Basically, the round will do the same thing in any semi-auto rifle. I didn't recognize the rifle in the video as any particular brand. There are several companies manufacturing AR style rifles in .22 caliber. There is nothing special about this rifle as compared to a Ruger 10/22 (probably the most popular and best selling semi-automatic .22 in history). A bolt action .22 would have more velocity (semi autos require some of the gas from the bullet to cycle the gun). A .22 is a good cartridge and affordable to shoot (even though they are at record high prices now and still scarce). Naturally, it does not have the shock or range of a 7mm Mag., 30.06, .243, etc. Still, it is a lethal cartridge. It is like a retired U.S. Army Ranger once told me. It will get the job done, but the question is do you have time to wait for your attacker to bleed out? Will it stop a 6'-4' drug crazed zombie in their tracks. More than likely the answer is no. Will it kill? Yes it will.


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