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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Czech Magazine Reveals That Czechs Would Vote For Adolf Hitler

“In recent weeks, many Czechs have exhibited xenophobia in connection with the refugee crisis. If Hitler rose from the dead and promised to rid Europe of refugees, would you vote for him?” 

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Borrowed from Brock at Free North Carolina


  1. Like it or not, (and the Czechs were the ones who nicknamed Heydrich the Hangman of Europe) it shows how fed up the average Jan is getting.

    Instead of tsk-tsking, people should be taking this as an indication that the public is reaching that boiling point we're always warned about.

  2. If these attacks keep up, Europeans will exit Claire Wolf's "strange zone" before the US does. Europe may have a lot of gun restrictions but those with enough desire to free themselves from sharia law (or progressive statism) will find a way to arm themselves.


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