Wednesday, September 2, 2015

White Lives Matter! Hand Up Don't Shoot!

                                                                                   Paging Henry Bowman

                                                                                                                     Warning! Very Graphic!
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  1. Flores? In Texas? He probably wasn't white, and neither were the cops (both Hispanic names). Nice try, Jeffery. You are really making my (our) state look bad by mainly commenting about the rebel flag and your epic fails at race bating. Where did you get this guy Irish?

  2. Nah, I wasn't race baiting. I leave all of that to the MSM and the real racissss people. I saw the dead mans picture over at ksat CH 12. His name was Gilbert Flores (I wasn't aware that names are used to determine race) and in the news photo he appeared to be white. Neither was I picking on TX. Sorry you missed it, but the point I was attempting to make was the media is full of stories about unarmed people getting shot by LEO lately (i.e. Michael Brown/Ferguson, MO , etc.) and this guy actually had his hands up and was still shot. All lives matter to me, but ALL lives do not get the same type of coverage in the MSM. I didn't flame the boys in blue either even though hands raised above the shoulders is a good indication someone is surrendering (not always mind you). The video is of poor quality and there could have been a threat that was not visible. By the way, I just read that CNN is reporting the guy had a knife. If it turns out to be true, then it is a game changer to some degree, but still doesn't change the way the story was handled in the media. I'm not sure how you thought a Confederate flag plays into this. I do know it has been blamed for a lot of social ills in our country lately. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Fair enough, Jeffery. FYI, I was referring to Alabama as "our" state, being as I also live in Alabama (sorry you missed it). As for the confederate (battle) flag, I was referring to the fact that about 80% of your posts are about the confederate flag. I totally disagree with banning of a flag, but as a southern-born Republican and life-time NRA member, I still don't understand why it was flown over some of our southern state houses regardless of any recent events or the morons that say its about "tradishun." For the record, even if the guy had a knife and regardless of race, those cops appeared to have murdered him. Much more cut and dry than any of the other recent police "killings" that have received undue media hype. As for names not determining race, really? There is a little more evidence than just a name. I looked at the picture of him too. Get your eyes checked if you thought the guy was white. You knew what you were doing with the post, just like your ridiculous flag posts that keep on coming.

  5. Glad to hear you do reside in our great state. Your my (our) statement had me perplexed. It doesn't take a lot to confuse me at times. Wow, I didn't know I had someone keeping tally of my posts, but thanks for being a visitor and I'll try to be clearer in the future.. I am not sure how old you are, but if you do not remember, the famous "flag flap" in Alabama roughly 20 years ago, you might have heard of it. The Confederate Battle Flag flying atop the state capitol building in Montgomery was the center of the issue. It had never been flown over the state capitol building/First Confederate Capitol until the George Wallace era in the early sixties. I fear the reason for it being hoisted then were not historical. I have never advocated the flying of the flag there or any other state capitol building where it did not belong. The compromise with the anti-flag crowd was for the Confederate monument to be placed on the north side of the capitol where five of the flags of the Confederacy were flown. This was in good taste and appropriate. My problem is not so much an issue regarding the flag, but people using the flag as an excuse for errant behavior. A prime example is Gov. Bentley's sole decision to remove it on a whim. At the same time some people around the nation were calling for the CBF, monuments, street signs bearing names of generals, etc. to be removed. I would have to question their motives. Do you think the flag is responsible for any of the social ills that plague our country? I do not believe in blaming inanimate objects, nor do I believe you do either. I do believe in certain factions in our land using such opportunities to cleanse a people of their history. My eyesight is just fine thank you and I do know what I am doing when I post. However, if I could control the way my posts were perceived, I would have the world by the tail in a downhill pull. Check out my next post and I will really let you know how I feel regardless of you perceptions.


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