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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Think About The Repercussions and Where This Will Be Heading....

   Last night I was thinking about this exact situation that Fox is reporting.

What if no one wants to be a Cop anymore?

Then what?

From Fox:

Police departments face a recruiting shortage amid a growing anti-cop mood that some fear has taken the pride out of peacekeeping and put targets on the backs of the men and women in blue. 


 Then I remembered this..........


 Is it all in the works?  Read between the lines on all that is happening.


  1. Times are similar to when I joined the Dept. back in 1974: 280 cops killed, 140 by gunfire. So far this year 83 have died, 24 by gunfire. It is harder than you think to get qualified people to try out for the job. Things like prior arrests, drug involvement, abysmal physical condition, mental/emotional problems, sexual misadventures (there's a reason why they hook you up to a polygraph and ask if you ever had sex with a dead body) and the like. The recruiter who signed up our daughter for her Army stint said that due to the same considerations, they are limited to recruiting only 30% of the population. That means 70% of the adult population of the US is unfit for military service. Think about it.....

  2. From 2011 through 2014 NY lead the nation in the number of officers killed in the line of duty (LOD deaths). I don't feel like celebrating.

    TX is in the lead so far this year (10) followed by LA (9).

  3. Hitler did the same thing. Worked well for him.

  4. There will always be people who want to be cops, but it could be that they will be power tripping assholes (think Clockwork Orange) not the predominantly good people we have now.


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