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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Three Irishmen Are On A Plane And.....

BOSTON (WHDH) - Three passengers were taken into custody at Logan Airport after reports that they were being unruly on a flight from Ireland.
When the Aer Lingus flight from Shannon, Ireland landed at Logan, passengers said around eight State Police officers were at the gate. Police said the captain radioed ahead for police to meet the plane at the gate because of the three men.
Passengers said the three men from Ireland, heading to Boston for vacation, were drinking and smoking and singing loudly. Flight attendants had already tried quieting them down, to no avail.
"It didn't really help much," said Ciara Sugoue, who was on the flight.
The cabin crew asked several passengers to help keep the men in their seats until police arrived. John Vesper said he and some other passengers blocked the men from leaving the plane.
"Those guys, they just had some liquor to drink, I think, and they were just a little bit out of control," said Vesper.
The three Irish tourists were taken to the police barracks with State Police. The State Police later tweeted that the passengers had been unruly and there was no threat to safety. No arrests were made.

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