Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Apropriation of Cultures.....

I got an email the other day that had a youtube link to "The Appropriation of Cultures" by 
 Percival Everett. 

It is a fictional short story about a young black man that buys a pick-up truck with the confederate flag on the back. In the story he drives around and gradually undermines the flag by making it so popular that it loses it's meaning. That was my take anyway. Yours may be 

Here are a couple links if you want to listen to it being read or if you want to read it.

The reading of the story HERE and the text of it HERE.

Go listen to it or read it.  Think about the context of it, not the outcome.

 Now think about the following:
 ( Bear with me I'm not an english major. I don't review stories and read into deep hidden
meanings into what the author really meant. Like SCOTUS does)

(The "WE" , in the following statements, are the people that see and understand what is happening in this country and the direction that "the powers that be" are trying force us)

What if we all flew rainbow flags or put rainbow stickers on our cars?

What if we all use the gender neutral bathrooms?

What if we all bought and wore Che T-shirts?

What if we all bought and wore Black Power T-shirts?

What if we all greeted our friends with "What up n****r?" ?

If someone asked "How are you?" say "Gayer than a tree full of chickadees!"

 What if we filled out forms and put something other than your true race, or sex?
 If questioned just say that's how you identify. Tell them to disprove it. 

As in the fictional story that started this, imagine the outcome if everyone was doing some
of the above and it just became so common that it loses it's meaning?

You can add more ideas in the comments if you want.

I need more coffee.

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  1. Carried to a degree unexpected, the final remark will be: "Obviously, the Supreme Court didn't really mean what they wrote, therefore, I'll ignore their decision like I ignore all other laws."

    It's coming. Civil disobedience is the start.


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