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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not Only Is America In Full Retreat Around The World, War Is Coming... Well Worth Reading

Unless The Obama White House Makes Dramatic Changes To Policy, America Will End Up In A War Soon
After years of hearing lectures about 'cowboy diplomacy' causing wars under the former President George W. Bush, we're now on the brink of wars caused by craven American weakness. 

Even Obama's staunchest defenders are having a hard time covering up the fact this President has no coherent foreign policy.  Beyond engaging in a lot of happy happy talk to defuse the growing crises around the world and getting them off the front pages so as to win the present news cycle, Obama's inner circle has no real policy. 

Take the recent Yemen disaster, which has already receded from public consciousness after being successfully managed in the press.  With weeks to prepare for a pull out if needed, when the moment came our Marines & diplomatic personnel were required to rush to the airport in the hopes they would be allowed to leave by catching  a commercial flight out of the country.  A situation with dozens of Americans being held hostage could have easily developed.  An Iran Hostage Crisis 2.0 was a real possibility. 


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  1. This once great nation is past the tipping point. I honestly don't know what we can do anymore. Letters, E-mails and phone calls do not work. What's left?

  2. Are you really surprised? Obie, from high school through college and in Chicago, has been surrounded by, friends with, and tutored by "card caring" Communist who are hell bent on tearing down America... and he is exceeding. The government's first and foremost job is to protect the country, and maintain a superior fighting force. He is not doing this. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?


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