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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Compiled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish)

** The title: "I Bring You News Of A Great Republican Victory! The Senate Democrats Have
Agreed To Accept McConnell's Surrender With Out Additional Conditions."
** The GOP is dead.  We elected them to hinder Barackus; they folded, more concerned with
their reputations in the MSM and being invited to the right cocktail parties.  The GOP
Elites will never allow a strong Conservative to run in 2016; the Left will likely win
because the Right's base will not rally.  Dark, dark days are ahead for this country
that I love.

** Read the whole thing.  The EPA has GOT TO GO.  At issue, of course, is that the Left
will scream about eeeeevil polluters and the GOP giving them permission to "poison our
lakes and streams".

** Quote: "Why would the FCC chairman not appear at a hearing and discuss a 350 page
regulation the Obama regime is not allowing the public to read prior to a FCC vote on
net neutrality?   Something is afoot!"  >> I shake my head.  The video is of one of
those idiot millenials thinking that choking the internet is impossible.  These people
also bought "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it."  And YET, despite
being burned by that, they STILL believe this administration.

** Will this even be hinted at if Shrillary runs?  Of course not.  It will be spiked.

** "Are you now, or have you ever been, a climate change denier?"

** If this were, say, Israel doing this, it'd be an outrage.  But, hey, it's only little brown
people, they can't be held to the same standards.  Thus is the Left's racism revealed.  Somewhat
** Kissing the hand that, if it were free to act, would slit your throat.

** How DARE you use the same tactics against us which we use against you?

** Shrillary has principles.  And if you don't like those, she has other principles.

** On the economy and growth.

** Read the whole thing.  I loved the part about Gingrich; I don't like the man's character.
But there's an alleged quote by Lincoln to critics of Grant who cited his heavy drinking as
a measure of his unfitness to be the Union army leader: "I cannot spare this man: he fights."
For all Gingrich's flaws - and there are many - he pulled no punches and attacked the MSM
understanding that they are in the enemy camp.  Sort-of related:
** Even if the MSM fails in this smear of Walker, they'll keep trying so that, if Walker does
truly run, they can call him the "controversial" Walker.  Bet on it.
** Worth reading it all.

** WOW.

** Get to know your neighbors as a cure for anti-Semitism... this displays such a stunning naivete about
history and the world that this guy shouldn't be taken seriously on anything.

** Read these, and ask yourself how it is these people have come to hate America so.

** Say, how's that "reset button" working out?

** Laying the groundwork to take out Shrillary in favor of Liah-watha.

** Cry.

** Quote: "One of the "aggrieved" parties, Robert Ingersoll, had been a customer of Stutzman's for
more than a decade, indicating she held no animus toward homosexuals. In fact, when she turned down
Ingersoll's request for a floral arrangement for the wedding, she referred him to other florists."
>> This is key.  She didn't refuse gay people service in which I would agree there is a case of
discrimination.  She refused them service on ONE THING.  Hello JURY NULLIFICATION.

** Weakening America, enabling enemies; the goal of the Left for a century.

** A convert to Islam, lecturing people about the dangers of Islamophobia, goes and joins
ISIS - which, of course, we have been assured by our intellectual and moral superiors has
nothing to do with Islam.

** Amen!  (And I say this as a white man married to a non-caucasian.)

** But tomorrow they'll be back to full kneepad mode.

** Look at the graph.  Just look at it.  And then tell me the models are to be believed.

** Barackus likely has an arrangement with Iran for them to go nuclear AFTER he's gone.  But...
with Iran knowing that if the GOP takes over, Israel will have a stronger ally, they have
every incentive to push forward as fast as possible and attack while Barackus is still in

** The new McCarthyism.  Are you now, or have you ever been, a "climate change skeptic."

** Seriously?  Because it MIGHT BE used in the "wrong way"?

** And they will sputter and complain and ask "How can this be?" without making the
obvious jump to the conclusion most on the Right already knew.

** Quote: "If it is cheaper to hold money rather than pay a bank for holding your cash, individuals
will begin to hoard their cash.  This will result in the US Government having to print more money to
meet the need for cold hard cash.  This in turn may lead to a run on the bank or hyperinflation or
any number of unintended consequences - only time will tell but most scenarios are not good."

** The Hive Mind of Climate Change is not pleased.

** Quote: "The Obama administration continues to hurt the friends and promote the enemies of the United
States. It's almost enough to make you wonder whether the president loves his country."  >> Almost?
ALMOST?  When, when, WHEN are Conservatives going to admit that Barackus is THE DOMESTIC ENEMY
we were warned about by the Founders?

** A fascinating catch of a very subtle jab at Jews, and promotion of Muslims.

** If the perps had been white males, especially upper-class white males, it'd be
24/7 news.  Since they're... deeply pigmented, it's crickets.

** No need to panic, but...

** AGREE.  (Thanks Irish for bringing this to my attention.)

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