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Friday, January 9, 2015

Some Links To Keep You Busy....

** One of these days someone's going to get shot for this.  I can imagine the scenario: some protester will, literally, get in the face of a family man who is packing,
will be warned to back off, the crowd will gather around, a sidearm will get drawn, one of the protestors will approach saying "You don't have the balls", and get
dropped.  And then it will get messy.

** We had warning about 9-11 from IRANIAN sources???  READ THIS.

** Read this.  Read this again.  In other words, to have "free speech" we need to censor anyone that we disagree with.  Orwell was an optimist.

** Alan's always a good read.

** Reminds me of a joke: "A Democrat and a Republican are walking together, chatting, as they pass through the 'rich' area.  The Republican thinks 'Someday I want to be
among these people' while the Democrat thinks 'Someday I want to get these people'."  So true.

** Take a look at the picture.  Stare at it.  If this were an Israeli soldier it would be 24/7 news (and rightly so).  But hey, it's just another Muslim slaughter, who

** A must-read about the bullies in academia.

** VDH is always an excellent read.  And he makes some excellent points.

** Fantastic article about Israel, water, and the propaganda used by anti-Semites.  Related:
** Can you imagine the furor if Israel said a Jew couldn't sell land to an Arab?

** But, hey, they're only Christians killed by Muslims.  Nothing to write articles about.

** Walter Williams is always a great read.  And one key sentence: "Both Brown and Garner would be alive today if they had not resisted arrest."

** When you make something more expensive to do, you get less of it.

** Excellent.

** WHY was this story spiked?  Because it would destroy the argument that Islam, as practiced today, is "peaceful".

** So, these people walked into an office, which by purest coincidence happened to have published cartoons insulting to Muslims and the founder of Islam, screaming slogans
from that religion... but it's all purest coincidence.  The denial is PATHOLOGICAL.  Because to admit that the Islamic colonists are a threat would be to undermine their
entire world view.  Safer to walk into the abyss of an Islamic Europe than to admit they were wrong about their immigration policies.

** Here's a prediction.  In the wake of the Paris shootings, open criticism of Islam will be officially forbidden, as will open criticism of governmental policies leading
to more Muslim immigrants.  People opposed to this will go underground, building - carefully - a movement.  There will be spies; some will be outed, some will result in
arrests.  The climate of fear of their own governments will spiral; sooner or later there will start to be systematic attacks on both Muslim communities and governmental
forces, prompting crackdowns - which will, in turn, prompt more attacks.  Related:
** The problem is that it isn't just the immigrants; it's a whole class of the indiginous population that is EITHER 1) totally blind to the threat, or 2) actively
encouraging it out of oikophobic hostility to their own culture.  More:
** Quote: "But France will not say out loud what millions in Europe are thinking in their hearts: It's either them, the Muslims, or us, the Europeans."  It will start with
skirmishes.  A building here, a car there...

** The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

** Christians should start being violent, apparently.

** As I've said before, the Leftists will not "wake up" even with a knife at their throat.

** They don't want the police?  Make their areas no-go zones for the cops.

** Who'll pay the taxes for your welfare checks?

** And when the don't get a job because they can't write well and are nearly illiterate... that's racist too.

** Quote: "The French have two options: 1) overthrow liberal rule and then kick out the Muslims; or 2) perish."

** Quote: "Did I miss a section of the Bible written by Karl Marx?"

** First, the picture is hysterical.  Second... they've run out of potatoes in a country that grows a lot of potatoes.

** How soon before Conservatives are blanket-diagnosed with this, so as to confiscate weapons?

submitted by one of my blog friends, thanks!

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