Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cool Corvette Commerical

It reminds one of how short life really is.

                                                 Click here to see video.


  1. It started out good. But it went downhill real fast at the retirement stage. I have my '74 Stingray in the garage and that was the model that always thrilled me the most.

  2. I was expecting to see his wife driving a Corvette she bought with the insurance money.

  3. Dude, put up a kleenex warning or something first. I was completely wrecked.

    PS: Both the commenters above me should go play in traffic.

    1. I do play in traffic. Usually leaving it behind me...

      If you notice my avatar that is me in my Nomex at the drag strip the day my Vette broke into the 12 second club and it is my daily driver.

  4. Yeah, it did slow down, but it was still pretty cool. I think most can relate to the "I'd like to have one, but,,,,,,". I am a big '74-'76 model fan myself. I like all models through '76 (Stingrays). I've driven some of the newer ones, but I prefer the older classic lined transitional cars (i.e. '58, '63, '68 and I would really like to have a '73 (last year for a chrome rear bumper and first year for a rubber front end). I have a couple of friends who took the plunge in 2014. One bought 1965 coupe (original paint/interior one owner) and another just bought a 1959. I'll try and post some pictures.

  5. Had a 1967 small block fastback and a 1969 big block T-Top.

    Miss them BOTH!

  6. When I was about 5 years old (1965), my grandpa had an old Willys Jeep. Don't know what year it was, only remember that it was RED! Rode in it once before he sold it. He said it rode too rough for him. It made a deep impression on me and I would never forget it. As an adult, my fancies turned to motorcycles. Honda first, then a Triumph. Wrecked both early on and still have the scars and pains for memorabilia. And then ...... the HD came in to place. Had that one for 21 and a half years before I let it go. Finished off my motorcycle career with a Beemer for the last 3 riding years. Have gone cold turkey from bikes since then. There's an empty part of me where the bikes used to live and am finding a yearning for the off-road adventures that a newer variant of that old RED Willys could fill. So yeah,... need to act before it's yoo late.

  7. That actually almost brought a tear to me eye..


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