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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michael Brown Protests In Portland Oregon....

I got these links for submittal. They are worth watching to see the mindset
of the protestors. I bet ALL of them wouldn't have given Mike Brown the time
of day.


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please provide a link to www.youtube.com/LaughingAtLiberals . Thanks!)

Portland Wackjobs Rally For Michael Brown
"All the cops in the ground, rest in peace, Michael Brown" chant the
Portland protesters, as they marched through the street screaming and
yelling. Others show a banner that has a drawing of a dead pig on it
with the words "F*** you neoliberal fascist pigs". At the end of the
march, they block off an intersection before returning to the cop shop
to continue their rally.

White Portlanders Argue With Black Dude At Michael Brown Rally
"If you want to flip over a cop car, then flip over a cop car!" says a
drunken Jessie Sponberg, who, along with Sean Kealiher, tries to tell
a black protester how to protest the Michael Brown shooting. The black
dude is urging everyone to stay peaceful while the suburbanite white
kids are the ones wanting to get violent.

Fighting At Michael Brown Protest
Protestors decide to block an intersection in Portland, and one driver
is mad they are in his way, so he hops out of his car to take matters
into his own hands. After holding himself back for a minute or so, he
eventually jumps in and tries to punch an old hippie. Other protesters
hold him back, while some teenagers try to get the man to continue
with the fighting. A big black dude runs interference on them, and
they go away. But shortly afterward, the black dude says they were
lucky they were 16, otherwise he'd have knocked their asses out.

Mario Haro Causes A Scene At Michael Brown Protest
While yammering on about the KKK, capitalism, and white people, Mario
Haro tries to turn the crowd's attention to one Laughing At Liberals.
Ironic that he tries to paint me to be the bad guy, trying to stir up
trouble, while he's the one screaming and yelling at everyone trying
to incite the crowd.

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