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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Got An Email From The Benin Republic....

maybe he's one of Obama's relatives?

Dear Beneficiary,

This message is very urgent and important to you therefore make sure
that after reading the message you must comply with the below
instruction within 72 hours for you not have any problem with your own
western union when picking up this first installment transfer.

Be inform that the board of central bank of Benin Republic instructed
us to order our western union agent to start remitting your
compensation fund,$6M.USD to your location address via western union
money transfer.

After the investigation we did yesterday we recovered $20.5M united
states dollars from scammers in internet and we find out that your
email address is one of the people that has lost many fund to this
scammers operations and we decided to order our western union bank of
Africa for your transfer via western union,our western union agent
said that your total fund  is $6M.USD is on their desk ready to be
transfer to you via western union to your location, your daily limit
you can receive pay day is $20,000 USD.

Note: Remember that before our western union release your payment you
have to pay $100.00 USD, this will be the only money you will
send to western union, after sending the money you will be receiving
$20,000.00 USD pay day till your total compensation fund is completed.

Your transfer is available for pickup at any location around you,but
western union cannot release the payment information to you till you
comply with them, therefore contact the western union agent as stated

contact person:
Mr johnson ikeh

Best Regards
Yours Truly,
Special FB1 Agent Mr johnson ikeh


  1. Man, what a great opportunity! I just bet you jumped all over that puppy....

  2. I sent the $100.00, but I'm still waiting ... any day now I'm sure.

  3. Seems legit to me ... as legitimate as Obama's birth and presidency.

  4. Isn't that the country where they discovered the Oompa Loompas?

  5. I'm quite disappointed in you Pissed!
    The fact that you have previously lost money in one of these dreadful scams, has really caused me to lose respect for you!


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