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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do You Have A Feeling...

.. that this administration is trying to bring about some sort of catastrophic event in this country, or are they  just really as inept as they seem?



  1. They are still striving for change you can believe in.

  2. It's for the CHILDREN!! Of course.

  3. Had that feeling for a while now Irish.

  4. I agree. This is by design, not happenstance. I try to keep in mind that the idiot in the White House is being controlled by others who actually have the ability to plan and think coherently.

    1. I totaly agree. No one surely can be this stupid and I am not just talking about bad decisions, I am talking stupidness to the max. This clown of a President has surrounded himself with the most inept people on earth. Yet, he got elected again and yes I am really scared that some looming catastrophic situation is coming. Do you think Bozo and this troop will be able to handle it?????

  5. BO is just a meat puppet. Things are definitely starting to get interesting with Ebola. It seems to be the logical method for seizing control in America without damaging infrastructure as opposed to an EMP or flat out war. Stay well.

  6. It seems that dogs can carry the Ebola virus but do not get sick. However, if infected dogs become a problem, the US already has a corps of trained and experienced dog-killers. Cops.


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