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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Irish Goes For A Taste Of Texas....

   I am part way through reading OLDNFO's book "The Grey Man Vignettes" .
 ( I'm enjoying it so far).

  One of the characters mentions SHINER BOCK with the added info of  "It's a Texas beer, and about the only damn thing you'll see around here". I figured it was a real beer brewed in Texas but being in the Northeast I doubted I would ever see it unless I traveled south someday.  So tonight as I'm walking into the "PACKIE" I see a sign that reads "We NOW have Shiner Bock".  Needless to say I whisked myself right to the cooler and grabbed a 6 pack.   It's got a nice taste, lighter in color and flavor than I expected but definitely one I would get again. 

Thanks OldNFO!


  1. You are welcome sir, and I told you you'd like it! :-) Thanks for the link too!

  2. Why did I scroll down to your previous post? Why??

  3. One of my favorites also!

  4. Lone Star Beer, since 1845.
    The National Beer of Texas

  5. Some of us kinkier beer drinking Texans also used to drink what is known in smaller circles as a Star Bock. There's a bar called the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe in Galveston that used to serve this signature house brew on the regular and we would always stop in and have a few. Thanks to the fucking bastards at Starbucks, a Fed judge told Wrecks the owner of the cafe, that he couldn't sell it anymore as it made Starbuck's asshole sore because they claimed it was a threat to their brand. Big lawsuit, Big money won out... I'll tell you, Shiner in a can tastes completely different than Shiner in a bottle. The canned Shiner tastes a bit sweeter for some reason. I'd say it's probably the aluminum / glass difference factor.

  6. Shiner is slowly making it's way up north. I was walking by a BBQ joint in Boston today and there were two bottles of Shiner on one of the outdoor tables. It's good stuff and I make a point to drink some every time I'm in Texas. Shiner reminds me of Sam Adams, but they don't have quite the variety.


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