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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As The World Goes To Hell, I'm Going Drinking Golfing.... BBL


  1. Ah yes... Flog...er golf... :-)

  2. Many years ago, my father told me about golfing with a friend of his. The friend's tee shot hit a tree about 20-30 yards downrange and came right back at him, rolling to around 10 feet behind where he started. So, rather than take a penalty and tee up again, he decided to play the ball where it ended up. You guessed it, hit the same damn tree and bounced back to him again. He took the penalty stroke that time. My dad said he almost had apoplexy restraining his laugh.

  3. I used to golf..A lot..
    Not so much as it is way to dangerous...
    Especially the way I played..
    What is it Mark Twain stated?
    A good walk spoiled!!

  4. I tried golfing. I thought it was supposed to be a good way to relax... I know my 3 wood hated me.


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