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Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Couple Things To Shake Your Head At....

First, Girl Ambushed for buying water......

The state of Virginia will spend $212,500 in taxpayer funds to settle a $40 million lawsuit filed by Elizabeth Daly, the University of Virginia student who spent a night and much of the next day in jail after seven cunningly plain-clothed agents from the Alcoholic Beverage Control division ambushed her for the crime of purchasing bottled water.


( h/t to Jeffery)

Second.. Someone needs to put Pelosi down... What a crunt.

IF you haven't seen it yet.. bat shit crazy Pelosi goes after a Congressman Marino on the house floor


The voters who keep electing her should be proud of this:


  1. Anyone with an actual set of stones would have had her loony ass physically removed from the floor.

  2. That's what the problem is--no one has the stones to do it. Ms Daly should be awarded the full amount of that lawsuit. Even if she had beer you mean to tell me that deserved that kind of reaction from those Morons?


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